Accountability is important. Each year we post our audited financial statements and annual budget online. The UVSS Board runs a $14 million a year operation on your behalf and with your student fees. If you want a snapshot of the UVSS and to check out the bottom lines of your nine student-run business – look no further.

The UVSS is overseen by two excluded managers who work closely with the Board of Directors to oversee over 150 staff. This management team ensures that the society runs smoothly and effectively serves students. The Board of Directors periodically reviews excluded management salaries to ensure they are paid fairly and commensurately to the work complete. The Societies Act requires that the UVSS discloses their salaries publicly. As of May 2017, the Executive Director will receive $84,800 and the General Manager will receive $89,884.

Below you’ll find the UVSS budget and financial statements: but what does it all mean? Here’s a document to explain things:

Click here for a guide to our finances and how to read the UVSS Budget!


2019-2020 Strategic Plan

2019-2020 Budget


2018-2020 Strategic Plan

2017-2018 Audited Financial Statements

2018-2019 Budget


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2016-2018 Strategic Plan

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