Nico Caparas, Director of International Student Relations

Hello! I’m Nico, a second-year CompSci student from Manila, Philippines, and I currently serve as the Director for International Student Relations. As an international student myself, I understand the struggles that many international students face, such as homesickness, culture shock, concerns about study permits and work, and the high costs of tuition, housing, and food. Therefore, I want to ensure that all international students are aware of the services and resources available to them on campus to address these challenges. I would greatly appreciate your engagement and participation, particularly in the UVSS, as we work to tackle some of the major problems UVic students are currently facing. If you have any problems, questions, concerns, suggestions, or simply need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or drop by the SUB for a quick chat! 🙂

Resources Around Campus for International Students

Global Community

Drowning in homesickness or finding it challenging to start new friendships? Look no further than the Uvic Global Community (GC)! Tailored to cater to both international and domestic students, GC provides a space for creating intercultural bonds, sharing perspectives, and celebrating diversity. Immerse yourself in GC’s regular social events, explore the option of signing-up for conversation partners and mentorship programs, or seize the chance to participate in rewarding volunteer opportunities. Your journey to a more enriched and connected university experience starts with GC!

International Centre for Students (ICS)

The International Centre for Students (ICS) is your one-stop shop for all international student related concerns! Reach out to anyone from the ICS team or drop by the ICS at the Jamie Cassels Centre for any queries about immigration, health insurance, and more. Discover invaluable info about exchange, funding, and volunteer opportunities as well. From the most intricate concerns to the simplest queries, the dedicated and friendly ICS team stands ready to extend their assistance and support!

Multifaith Centre

The Multifaith Centre provides a safe haven for spiritual and religious practices and a guiding hand in your spiritual journey. Connect with a spiritual care provider or visit the Multifaith Centre right beside the Finnerty Gardens—perhaps even take a serene stroll in nature’s embrace. Don’t forget to check their web page regularly to find out about upcoming events including the much-loved pet cafes! (I know how much you miss your pet back home.)


UVSS win: International student work study budget!

Following the previous major win in international student advocacy regarding international bursaries, UVic has committed to increase the International Work Study budget by $200,000 due to further review. International Work Study applications and questions regarding eligibility can be inquired about by emailing

International Student Fee Lobbying Effort

The UVSS has long been concerned with student affordability and tuition fees. Over the last 10 years, international tuition at UVic has increased by 151%.

On January 21st, Former UVSS Director of International Student Relations, Dipayan Nag, submitted a letter to UVic’s Board of Governors on behalf of more than 2,000 international undergraduate students regarding international student tuition fees asking the BoG to (1) freeze international tuition fees for the coming year, and (2) limit the annual tuition increase to 2% for international students for at least the next two years. The letter also includes testimonials from international students themselves.

If you have any questions or would like to join the effort, email 

UVSS win: International student bursaries!

Major win in international student advocacy! In response to the lobbying efforts, led by Sarina, UVSS Director for Outreach/Uni Relations and Dipayan, UVSS Director of International Student Relations, UVic has committed to increase the International Bursary by $200K. UVic is looking to further review and increase support for International work-study program! We will keep you updated as we get more information.

International Bursary applications can be inquired about by emailing