The SUB is home to the Native Students Union and 4 constituency groups: Pride Collective, Students of Colour Collective (SOCC), Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) & the Gender Empowerment Centre (GEM). Collectively, these five groups are referred to as Advocacy Groups, as they do incredible advocacy work for students, and we strongly recommend getting involved with them or seeking out the wide range of supports they offer to students.

Student advocacy is one of our primary reasons for existing. We exist to provide advocacy, representation, services & events to our members.

Find out what’s happening at the Advocacy Groups through our Advocacy Groups Events Calendar.

Native Students Union (NSU)

The Native Students Union (NSU) is a community group for Indigenous students at UVic. Our space in the SUB is open to self-identifying Indigenous students who want to work, study, lounge, have lunch, or connect with other students. We’re also located in the First Peoples House. Our weekly meetings are an opportunity for students to connect, plan events, share resources, or work on any student-led initiatives on student wellness, culture, Indigenous resurgence, and decolonization.

Room:       SUB B023, FPH 126
Phone:      (250) 472-4394
Instagram: @UVicNSU


Gender Empowerment Centre (GEM)

The Gender Empowerment Centre (GEM) is a collectively run, drop-in space on campus that provides resources through an intersectional feminist framework. GEM offers free access to a large variety of safer sex supplies, menstrual supplies (including FREE menstrual cups) pregnancy tests and emergency contraceptives. They provide health resources, peer support, as well as a lounge space to hang out, study, and meet others. Our centre, including access to our feminist library, is open to everyone who shares the values of intersectional feminism, anti-oppression and sex positivity; with an emphasis on creating a safe space for self-identified women, non-binary, trans and gender-nonconforming people. We are committed to facilitating a creative, collaborative and community-oriented space on campus through our workshops, events and other initiatives throughout the year. Want to learn more, or find out how to join our volunteer team? Email to talk to our Coordinator.

Room:        SUB B107
Phone:       250-721-8353

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Society for Students with a Disability (SSD)

The Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) is a student advocacy group that promotes the full participation and inclusion of students identified with disabilities at the University of Victoria. The SSD provides a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment for all students identified with disabilities. The SSD advocates for individual accommodation and systemic changes to the University that will make post-secondary education more accessible and socially just. To get involved, sign-up for programming, or learn more about what we offer, email us or visit our discord page.
Room:       SUB B111

Students of Colour Collective (SOCC)

The UVSS Students of Colour Collective is a group of self-identified Black, Indigenous and/or Persons of colour operating as an advocacy group out of the University of Victoria, located on Lekwungen Homelands. We are committed to cultural awareness, mental health, anti-racism, and social justice. SOCC welcomes and encourages all students who self identify as Black, Indigenous and/or Persons of colour at UVic to become active members.

For more information about resources, activities and how to get involved with SOCC, please drop by the SOCC office.

Room:      SUB B120 & B122
Phone:      250-472-4697

Pride Collective

The Pride Collective, or “Pride” (formerly known as UVic Pride) is a constituency group operating under the umbrella of the UVSS. It is a student-led collective that works to provide queer and trans+ centred programs, events and spaces.

Pride is committed to provide safer spaces for queer and trans+ folks at UVic and in broader communities. The group is also composed of UVSS staff, work study students, student volunteers, and council members to deliver and facilitate services. Drop by our space and check out our Queer lending library, free binder program, universal washroom and more!

Room:       SUB B010
Phone:       250-472-4393