UVSS Win: International student bursary increase

Major win in international student advocacy! In response to the lobbying efforts, led by Sarina, UVSS Director for Outreach and University Relations and Dipayan, UVSS Director of International Student Relations, UVic has committed to increase the International Bursary by $200K. UVic is looking to further review and increase support for International work-study program!

UVSS Win: COVID-19 Indicator on Transcripts

Great news! On Friday February 5th, the Senate approved the temporary transcript notation “This term took place during the COVID-19 pandemic” on all undergraduate and graduate transcripts for the 2020 Summer Session, 2020/21 Winter Session and 2021 Summer Session. Big thanks to Sarina, Director of Outreach, for her work in bringing this to fruition. It’s a great step towards greater peace of mind for students attending UVic in these incredibly challenging circumstances

UVSS Statement: Stop Anti-Asian Hate

The loss of eight people murdered in Atlanta on Tuesday, March 16 highlights an escalating pattern of anti-Asian hate crimes that is not isolated to the United States. In Vancouver alone, anti-Asian hate crimes have risen by 717 per cent. These attacks and their lack of visibility were made possible by hundreds of years of ongoing colonization, the reproduction of white supremacy, the history of sexualization and sexism towards Asian women, and the continued othering of those of Asian descent. 

The UVSS condemns not only these attacks, but the racist rhetoric that fuels them. As we mourn those who were lost, we reaffirm our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization that pushes for equity on campus and in our larger community.

UVSS and #BlackLivesMatter

The University of Victoria Students’ Society stands with Black and Indigenous communities and People of Colour in the United States, Canada, and around the world. We are actively exploring avenues for unlearning and eliminating systemic racism within our governance and operations, starting with all Directors undergoing anti-racism training on June 22nd.

How to Get Involved


Check out our committee schedule and a description of what committees are. These are all open committees, so you can just pop on in!

Board Meetings

We have board meetings every two Mondays at 6pm, which are live streamed via our Facebook page. You can see past minutes and upcoming agendas, too.


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Health and Dental Plan

Who’s Covered?

Undergrad students who are members of the UVSS and are registered in at least 3 units of on-campus classes in September or January including co-op or distance students are automatically covered by the UVSS Enhanced Health & Dental Plan.

Two Coverage Options?

UVSS Members now have access to a flexible benefit model that offers students two different coverage options, the Enhanced Plan (higher coverage at higher cost) and the Basic Plan (lower coverage at lower cost).

Change of Coverage

Choose your coverage plan , mix and match portions of both, or opt out during the Change-of-Coverage Period each year.

  • Fall: August 24th to September 22nd
  • Winter: December 22nd to January 22nd

See studentcare.ca for more info.