Our Mission: In the midst of the massive opioid crisis in BC and across Canada, students need to have easy access to information and resources on harm reduction. 

What’s harm reduction? Harm reduction refers to policies, programmes and practices that aim to minimise negative health, social and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug policies and drug laws. Harm reduction is grounded in justice and human rights – it values autonomy, life, choice, respect, education, compassion over judgement, reducing stigma, and no discrimination or punishment.

Harm reduction is…

  • A public health approach that aims to reduce harms related to substance use
  • Non-judgmental
  • Treats people with respect
  • Supporting people to be safer 
  • Helps people connect with others and develop healthy relationships.

To learn more about harm reduction on campus: 

→ sign up for Naloxone training (below!)

→ visit the Harm Reduction Centre in the basement of the SUB

Naloxone Training Workshops 

The opioid overdose crisis continues to claim lives in our community. What can you do to help? Get Naloxone training! Naloxone is a medication that counters the effects of an opioid overdose and can save lives. We need more community members to be prepared to support someone experiencing an overdose. 

We offer these free Naloxone trainings online! Training session are open to everyone and each participant will receive a free naloxone kit at the end of the session.

Fall 2021:

  • September 15 at 3pm 
  • October 20 at 12pm 
  • November 17 at 3pm 
  • December 15 at 12pm 
Spring 2022:

  • January 19 at 3pm
  • February 16 at 12pm 
  • March 16 at 3pm 
  • April 20 at 12pm