Campaign Goals:

  1. Have the University centre a harm reduction and destigmatization approach in how it deals with situations involving substance use by students, faculty, and staff.

  2. Have the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions provide support to harm reduction efforts at post-secondary institutions.

Safer Use is a new campaign which aims to provide students with adequate information, support, and access to resources in order to reduce the amount of harm they face when it comes to substance use.

In the midst of the massive opioid crisis in BC and across Canada, it is important for students to have easy access to information and resources regarding harm reduction methods. The stigma surrounding substance use fails to recognize that people from varying backgrounds engage in substance use. The culture of binge drinking, drug use and partying is prevalent throughout university campuses. By recognizing that many students will engage in these high risk behaviours and having policies in place that support students throughout their university experience, universities can move towards a healthier and happier culture. The current lack of prevention and response policies surrounding substance use means that students are left to overcome their battles with addiction and drug use with minimal resources and support alongside of the pressure of being criminalized for something that is entirely a health issue.

We offer free naloxone training through our Safer Use campaign. Training session are open to everyone and each participant will receive a free naloxone kit at the end of the session.

Sessions are offered monthly, and are currently being offered through a virtual workshop. Check out our UVSS Events page to find an upcoming training!