The UVSS is mandated by its bylaws to hold general meetings in October and February of each year. These meetings are open to all members and are your chance to vote and set the direction of your students’ society!

Draft Minutes 2019-10-24 AGM
Minutes 2019-02-06 SAGM
Minutes 2018-10-11 AGM
Minutes 2018-02-08 SAGM
Minutes 2017-10-26 AGM
Minutes 2017-02-02 SGM
Minutes 2016-03-31 SGM 
Minutes 2016-02-04 SAGM

Minutes 2015-10-28 AGM
Minutes 2015-02-05 SAGM
Minutes 2014-10-16 AGM

Minutes 2014-04-03 SGM
Minutes 2014-02-06 SAGM
Minutes 2013-10-17 AGM
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Minutes 2012-02-09 SAGM