Please note: The following information is about the UVSS Health & Dental Plan, which is for the undergraduate plan only and does not apply to graduate students. For details on the graduate student plan, please see the UVic Graduate Students’ Society website. 

Change of Coverage: Opting-Out or Opting-Down

 During the Change of Coverage period, you can choose a different level of coverage, mix and match portions of the Enhanced Care and Basic Care Plans, or opt out of the health portion, the dental portion, or the Plan in its entirety. 

These changes can only be made during the Change-of-Coverage Period: August 22 – September 22 (for fall term), and December 22 – January 22 (for spring term).

  • Opting out: If you have alternative extended health and dental coverage you can opt-out of the Plan in its entirety (or opt out the health portion or the dental portion). 
  • Opting down: You can opt down to the Basic Care Plan, a lower level of coverage at a lower price, with no proof of coverage required.
  • You must opt out each academic year! Only new students who start their studies in January can change their coverage or opt out in January. Opt outs are valid for the whole policy year, from Sept. 1, 2023 – Aug. 31, 2024. If you return as an eligible student in September 2024, you’ll be automatically re-enrolled in the UVSS Health & Dental Plan. Should you wish to opt out again next year, you must renew the opt out directly online, but you won’t have to re-submit your proof of other coverage.

Opting out happens entirely online through the Studentcare website directly.

Change of Coverage Period

August 22 – September 22 (Fall)

December 22 – January 22 (Spring)

Exception Request Period

September 23 – October 23 (Fall)

January 23rd – February 23 (Spring)

Appeal Period

November 2 – December 4 (Fall)

March 8 – April 12 (Spring)

Missed the change of coverage period?

If you miss the Change-of-Coverage period for a valid reason, you may submit an exception request and or an appeal within their respective periods. An exception request or appeal does not guarantee an opt-out, and should not be used as a primary method of opting out. You may not appeal to opt-down from the enhanced plan to the basic plan. 

Make sure you pay your tuition fees in full – the UVSS is not responsible for any late fees.

Find out more about Exception and Appeal Requests here.

Why a UVSS Health & Dental Plan?

Established by student referenda, the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS) Health & Dental Plan is extended health and dental coverage designed specifically for students to cover expenses not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) for BC residents and other basic health-care programs.

See what the Health & Dental Plan Covers

Who is Covered?

Undergrad students who are members of the UVSS and are registered in at least 3 units of on-campus classes in September or January including co-op or distance students are automatically covered by the UVSS Enhanced Health & Dental Plan.

Flexible Coverage Options

UVSS members now have access to a flexible benefit model that offers students two options for levels of coverage, the Enhanced Plan (higher coverage at higher cost, $416.75) and the Basic Plan (lower coverage at lower cost, $290), and the ability to mix and match between them.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible prescription drug costs are covered up to 80%. Not all prescription drugs are eligible for automatic coverage.

The UVSS Health Plan covers medications listed in the BC Fair PharmaCare Plan Formulary, including most oral contraceptives, insulin, and diabetic supplies. For medications not listed in the BC Fair PharmaCare Plan Formulary, there is a Drug Exception process in place which allows eligible drugs to be covered up to $2,000.

Two common drugs prescribed to people with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) — Methylphenidate and Dextroamphetamine-amphetamine — require a Drug Exception. Please see the Studentcare website for more information about the Drug Exception process and to access the Drug Exception form.

For all information about submitting claims and coverage visit