Rape culture is a massive problem on campuses across the world. Students in BC recently celebrated a huge win by successfully lobbying the government to pass Bill 23: Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act. Under this legislation, universities are now required to develop policies on sexual-assault response – but there is still much more to be done! The Let’s Get Consensual campaign promotes consent culture on campus and speaks out against the prevalence of rape culture and sexualized violence on campuses across North America.

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What We Do



Throughout the year, the UVSS will be out around campus engaging students on the topics of sexualized violence. We are working to make consent the norm, and encouraging students to practice it in not just sexual contexts, but in the way they conduct thier day. Join us to #TakeThePledge and grab some awesome swag items!

Our next outreach event is: TBA



Sexualized Violence Awareness Week

In the second or third week of September, the UVSS, UVic, and AVP host sexualized violence awareness week. The week includes info fairs, social media activism, workshops, speakers and other fun activities. Make sure you check it out next year!


avp-logo-web2The Anti- Violence Project

The Anti-Violence Project has been a key partner in the Let’s Get Consensual Campaign partnering, on events, providing key resources, and workshops. They also provide a support room for folks! Make sure to check them out downstairs in the SUB in B027.

Support Line: 250 472-4388

Office Line: 250-721-8080

Website: antiviolenceproject.org



 The University of Victoria – Consent and Healthy Relationship Leadership Stream

The University of Victoria  is another key partner in the Let’s Get Consensual Campaign, with their Consent and Health Relationship leaders providing much needed advocacy and programing on campus. They have a great bystander intervention program that provides students with the skills to recognize and safely intervene in situations that lead to sexualized violence. Make sure you check it out!

Contact Line: 250-472-5617

Website: uvic.ca/services/studentlife/initiatives/sexualized-violence