Undergraduate U-Pass (Bus Pass) Info


You may opt-in for the Fall U-Pass starting August 3rd, 2021! 

The Fall U-Pass is valid from September 1st– December 30th.

Please note that if you are enrolled in one or more “on-campus” courses, you will be automatically charged for the U-Pass in your tuition tuition [and you will not need to opt-in separately]. Please check your tuition account summary to see if you have been charged before making a purchase.

Note: The deadline to opt-in for the Summer U-Pass was  June 27th. If you currently have a summer U-Pass it will be valid until September 1st.

The Fine Print: Please Read! 
  • No pro-rating (you have to pay the full cost of the pass no matter what time you purchase it, but it’s a discount no matter what!).
  • Please note that sales are final (but don’t worry – you’ll love it too much to want to give it up)!

Eligibility for the U-Pass

Need some clarity? Click here to view our U-Pass flow chart!

  • For Fall 2021, students enrolled in one or more “on campus” courses will be automatically charged for the U-Pass in your tuition.
    • This means you will NOT have to opt in separately.
  • To see if you’ve been automatically charged for the U-Pass, check your tuition statement (see photo below). If the “UVSS Bus Pass” charge doesn’t appear there, you need to manually opt-in. To do this, use the instructions below (“how to pay for your pass”).
    • Students registered in at least 1 on-campus course for credit will automatically be charged for the bus pass. These students can activate their U-Pass using their ONEcard at any U-Pass activation station in the Jamie Cassels Centre (formerly named the University Centre) or the SUB
    • UVic also uses course location to determine assessment. If the course location is “M” that means it is on campus – any other designation is off-campus and students would not be assessed. 
    • Students who audit courses for non credit are not assessed a bus pass, even though they attend classes on campus (but can opt in!).
  • All other students who have paid UVSS fees are eligible to purchase a U-Pass, including co-op, distance, Island Medical Program, and practicum students.
  • The U-Pass provides four months of U-Pass access within the Victoria Regional Transit System. (This period begins on the first day of the term [e.g. January 1st], and ends four months later, regardless of when you opt-in. Any late opt-ins will not be offered at a discounted price).
  • The charge will show up in your MyPage Account Summary as “UVSS Bus Pass.”
  • The bus pass is non-refundable (unless you’re accidentally charged twice, or a graduate student).

How to pay for your pass

  1. Pay using our online form.*
  2. Please wait 24-hours to validate your ONECard at one of terminals in the Jamie Cassels Centre (formerly named the University Centre) or the SUB.
  • If you don’t have a ONECard, you’ll need to email the ONEcard office for an appointment.
  • It takes time to process your payment!

Allow a minimum of 24-hours for your payment to be processed before you come to campus to activate your U-Pass. E.g. If you pay at 2pm, wait until 2pm the next business day.

E.g. If you opt-in between 4pm Friday and Monday morning, the earliest you can come to campus to validate your card is Tuesday. Similarly, if you opt-in on the weekend or on a holiday, please wait 24-hours after the next business day to validate your card. 

Just keep in mind the business hours of the Jamie Cassels Centre and the SUB, so you don’t come all the way to campus to find out they’re closed!

Thanks for your patience as our staff do our best to serve all UVic students!

*Sometimes this page doesn’t load on certain browsers. This is related to your own browser and there’s nothing we can do, unfortunately! If this happens to you, try clearing your cache, and/or using Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 

Bus pass costs

Student Status Bus pass Athletics & REc^ UVSS Fee*** Total
Full-time Distance* $81.00 $92.46 Already paid in tuition $173.46
Part-time Distance** $81.00 $46.23 Already paid in tuition $127.23
Co-op $81.00 $46.23 Already paid in tuition $127.23
Island Medical Program (IMP) Years 1 & 2 $81.00  
IMP Years 3 & 4 $81.00 $46.23 $36.89 $164.12
STEPS Forward Program $81.00 $46.23 $36.39 $164.12
International Exchange* $81.00 $92.46 $73.85 $157.85

*Full-time – 4.5 credits or more

**Part-time – less than 4.5 credits 

***UVSS fee – this is mandatory for all students opting in to the U-Pass, as per the U-Pass contract.

^Mandatory Athletics & Recreation (ATRS) fee.

How to activate your U-Pass 

  • To register and activate your U-Pass, simply insert your ONECard into any of the U-Pass kiosks located in the Jamie Cassels Centre (formerly named the University Centre) or the Student Union Building. All students: The U-Pass must be reactivated after August 20 if you’re studying in both the Fall and Winter terms, and after December 15 if you’re studying in the Winter term only.
  • The U-Pass is part of your ONECard. (Are you a new student? Get your ONECard here.)
  • Please note: You can purchase the bus pass without having the physical card yet. 
  • To use your U-Pass once activated, simply swipe your ONECard upon boarding any BC Transit bus in the Victoria Regional Transit System.

Opt-Outs and Appeals

Under certain conditions, students can opt out of the U-Pass. 

This includes: Students with disabilities who can demonstrate their necessity to commute to/from UVic by automobile or means other than BC Transit fixed route or handyDart services; students already holding a BC Transit Pass through social assistance programs provided by the BC provincial government; or students who already have a Camosun bus pass. These students must opt-out by September 30th for the Fall semester, or January 31st for the Spring semester.

For more information on the conditions under which an opt-out can be accommodated, contact the UVSS Info Booth (250-721-8355 or info@uvss.ca).

Note: Once you’ve opted in online, or via phone or email with UVSS Info Booth staff, it takes a minimum of one business day for the system to update before you can activate your pass at a U-Pass kiosk!

Transit System Information

For general transit route and schedule information, or for information on transit options if you have a disability, visit the BC Transit website or call 250-382-6161.