A question that we are often asked by co-op students is: “Why do I have to pay UVSS fees when I’m not on campus or even in Victoria?” The short answer is British Columbia law.

Under section 27.1 of the University Act, the UVic Board of Governors is obligated to collect student society fees from all students and to remit those fees to the student society provided that they are approved by a majority of students in a referendum. This law applies to all universities in BC.

Co-op and distance students are currently assessed part-time student society fees to the amount of $37.14 per semester in addition to health and dental fees. This modest fee grants you access to many services that you can access remotely such as:

  • Health and Dental Plan
  • Ombudsperson
  • UVSS bursaries
  • Democratic participation in students’ society elections



Students pay $37.17 in student fees while on a Co-op term. Of these fees, a large part is allocated to affiliated groups like CFUV and the Martlet. These are services that can be accessed by UVic students around the world. This leaves roughly half the fees per student for services provided by the UVSS. While lots of what we do benefits all students, we recognize that many of these services cannot be accessed by students outside the Greater Victoria area.

In May 2017, the UVSS Board of Directors decided to offer a rebate for students participating in a Co-op term outside the Greater Victoria area. Students who meet the criteria are eligible to have $15.00 of their fees returned to them. Students can only request a rebate for the current term, and cannot request from any previous or future terms. We use the remaining amount to support long-term capital renovations and to continue to advocate to government and the university on behalf of students everywhere.

Here are the basics on who is eligible for a student fee rebate and the process for receiving it:

  • Must be on an approved co-op work term.
  • You must submit proof that you live outside the Greater Victoria area (copy of lease agreement, posted mail with name of applicant, recent utility bill, etc.).
  • You must attach your UVic tuition account summary from the most recent term (available on My Page) to prove that you have paid your UVSS student fees and are on an approved co-op term. This must include your name and the current term.
  • The forms for this rebate may be found here.

If you have any further questions about rebates for co-op students, please email your Director of Finance and operations at finance@uvss.ca.