Michele Pujol Room SUB Upper Lounge – Set-up
SUB Upper Lounge Upper Lounge – Board Room
 Vertigo  Meeting Room


Clubs book space in the Student Union Building (SUB) through the UVSS and on the rest of campus through UVic.




Wanting to book for meetings, conferences or catered events? Contact Catering & Conferences here.

In the SUB:

    • UVSS Clubs and Course Unions are able to book spaces in the SUB for free.
    • For rooms, equipment, table, and Felicita’s (we reserve Saturdays for Clubs and Course Unions) bookings in the SUB please complete the Room & Equipment Form.

Other resources available to clubs in the SUB:

  • A projector + screen
  • Tables
  • Tents
  • Button Maker –  Need to make some swag for your club? You can now book the 1.5″ button maker at Zap Copy at no cost. Button parts are also available in store—only $8.50 for 25 buttons or $30 for 100 buttons.
  • Clubs speakers are available for checkout at the General Office.
  • Zap Copy account – Planning on doing a lot of copying or printing? Get an Account Request Form here (or at Zap) and leave it in the Director of Student Affairs’ box in the General Office to have printing directly withdrawn from your account.
  • Lockers – to receive a locker or update your lock information, please email: alma@uvic.ca
  • Mailboxes – Please contact the Director of Student Affairs. Please do this if you intend on receiving a lot of mail.
  • Clubs and Course Union Days – the most important days for clubs! These happen at the beginning of each semester and are an opportunity for all of the clubs to set up a table in the Michele Pujol Room and meet potential members. Dates are set and announced by the Director of Student Affairs.

At UVic:

  • Club, course union, PDU and advocacy groups must be ratified and individuals must have signing authority prior to requesting rooms
  • Rooms, indoor table bookings and Simpson Property requests to be reserved online at http://www.uvic.ca/registrar/students/services/index.php.
  • For UVic non-academic bookings including CLASSROOMS, LECTURE HALLS, OUTDOOR SPACE, BAKE SALE space please follow link: http://www.uvic.ca/registrar/students/services/index.php
  • note: when booking space for bake sales – it is only the space you’re booking, a wooden table can be booked via the UVSS on-line booking system here: https://uvss.ca/room-equipment-rental/
  • For a limited time, projectors are now free from September 2014 – April 2015, as part of a trial program through UVic.
  • For outdoor space bookings with UVic please review the established policy or contact Sonia Brar at: studentlife@uvic.ca.
  • For UVic recreation rentals including field rentals and gymnasium please email Tracy Moir of VIKES Recreation at atrsbook@uvic.ca