Dear UVSS membership,

In recent months, there has been a notable rise in student protests across North America, including on campus encampments, advocating for university administrations to engage in humanitarian and ethical divestment– particularly around their university’s investments in Israel, which they see as contributing to an ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

The UVSS remains committed to fostering a safe and inclusive campus environment and stands firmly against all forms of discrimination, including Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Anti-Palestinian racism. We acknowledge both the protesters and those affected by the protest and recognize the importance of addressing the concerns of our diverse membership.  To assist students affected by ongoing events, we have compiled a list of resources, which can be accessed here

We acknowledge that, “Erecting tents, temporary structures and overnight encampments are prohibited by university policy.” However, such actions represent a form of civil disobedience. Campus activism may be a sign of healthy public discourse, provided it does not cause harm. UVSS has a proud history of supporting the free expression of non-hateful speech and related activism.

We unequivocally condemn the violent response to peaceful student protests witnessed across North America, including the recent arrests at the University of Calgary and McGill. Students should not have to risk arrest or fear academic sanctions to be heard. The UVSS unequivocally condemn actions that seek to suppress student voices participating in peaceful protest.

The UVSS is actively engaging in dialogue with UVic administration and advocates for a constructive exchange with peaceful protesters. We support our members’ rights to call for divestment from all companies complicit in violence of any kind, and urge the University to update its investment policy to reflect ethical considerations. This call has been echoed by various students organizing on campus and we hope for meaningful action from the university.


UVSS Board of Directors