The pandemic has resulted in job loss, reduction of hours, and cut wages, putting immense economic strain globally and for many, personally. International students are especially affected by such strain on top of increases in other international fees and excess travel costs. Three-thousand UVic students come to study from around the globe and are experiencing such strain while some are even facing the inability to continue paying for their education.

We the students ask UVic to (1) freeze international tuition for the upcoming year, and (2) limit the annual tuition increase to 2% for international students for at least the next two years.

Over the last decade, international tuition at UVic has increased by 151%. This is plenty higher than the rate of inflation. For many current and potential students, accepting another increase in tuition this year is simply not an option…

Please submit your testament below in support of the above asks, and you may be general or personal in your writing. These will be present for the University of Victoria to see as the UVSS and the students that the society serves present the above asks.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with

International Tuition Testaments