Missed the opt-out deadline?

  1. The Exception Request period lasts from the day after the last day of the Change of Coverage period to October 23rd.

Exception Request

  1. If your Exception Request is denied by Studentcare, or you missed the Exception Request deadline, you may appeal this decision through the UVSS Health & Dental Appeals Committee.

Download: Health & Dental Appeal Form

    • The Committee will not accept appeal forms until after the Exception Request period has ended.
    • The Appeals period lasts from November 2nd until the last day of that semester’s classes. Appeals submitted past this date will not be considered. 
    • Appeals submitted by parents or guardians will not be considered, unless legal authority has been granted. 

In order to submit an Exception Request or Appeal, you must meet all of the following basic requirements:

    • The appeal being made is for the past term before the last week of classes. 
    • You have not made any claims for the corresponding policy year (September-August).
    • Provide proof of alternate coverage (picture of card/documentation with your name specified).
    • You have not made any appeals previously.

In addition, you must meet a minimum of one of the following additional requirements:

X Requirement Proof
First-year students. Letter of acceptance or complete unofficial (administrative) transcript demonstrating what year you’re in.
Students whose registration falls outside of the Change of Coverage period. A screenshot of your tuition summary demonstrating the date you registered.
Students who mistakenly opted out from the GSS site within the Change of Coverage period. An email demonstrating you’ve opted out using the GSS site.
Students who missed the Change of Coverage Period due to medical reasons. A medical practitioner’s note.*
Students who were accepted into a co-op program after the Change of Coverage period. A screenshot of your tuition summary demonstrating your co-op payment.
Students who are living outside of Canada.
  • Letter of enrolment provided by the institution.
  • Approval-in-principle of a study permit (as per 2-stage process introduced in July 2020).
  • Existing study permit (if residing outside of Canada).
Other exceptional circumstances may be considered on a case by case basis. To be determined by the Health and Dental Appeals Committee.

*Exceptions may be made due to COVID-19.

Questions? Contact the UVSS Services Coordinator at info@uvss.ca.