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Graphics Work Order visit the spreadsheet here & follow the instructions below:

Using the Graphics Work Order Spreadsheet

  1. Visit the WO spreadsheet here and you will be prompted to log in.
  2. Make sure you log in with your UVSS account. If you are denied access, you may need to log out of your personal Gmail or Google account first.
  3. Check the last project number and make your number the next one.
  4. Enter name, date submitted, etc.
  5. STATUS is usually entered by Graphics staff
  6. PROJECT TYPE: enter all formats you are requesting. Web slider, poster, video screen, Facebook etc.
  7. LOGOS: i.e. UVSS, Catering, Zap etc.
  8. CREATIVE CONCEPT: Ideas on the look of the poster, use existing look etc.
  9. COPY: Text that will be used for the ad.
  10. NOTES: Enter your comments or questions. Graphics will also be filling this in with their questions or comments to you.
  11. K/J: Work done by Katie or Jacob. Graphics will fill this in so that you will know who is working on your project.
  12. If your project has a drawing or you need to explain the work order in person fill in the work order first and then contact Graphics. Each morning and after lunch Graphics will be checking the spreadsheet.
  13. Check over your work order and log out. The file is automatically saved. If you forgot to add something just go back and add. If your addition was a couple of days since submitting then let Graphics know by adding a note in column “O”.


Graphics Social Media request visit the spreadsheet here & follow the instructions below:

Using the Graphics Social Media Spreadsheet

  1. Visit the Social Media Spreadsheet here and you will be prompted to log in (just like the Work Order spreadsheet).
  2. Under your BUSINESS, enter the blurb that you would like to be posted via Twitter & Facebook, and what you would like for an image to accompany the post [picture of a product/poster].
  3. Please emphasize if you have a day or time preference for your post, or it will be scheduled at random throughout that specified week.


Graphics SUB Sign request visit the Graphics Wikispaces Calendar here & follow the instructions below:

Using the Graphics Wikispaces Calendar page

  1. Visit the Graphics Wikispaces page here to check the already booked spaces on specific dates [this site is for the Graphic Office Assistant to update].
  2. On the left side, click on the month that you would like to book the SUB sign in and check if there available spots.
  3. Email the Graphics Office Assistant [] to confirm if there is or isn’t space available & to book your SUB Sign request.