Special Project Grants are available to any active UVSS club to access additional funding for a special project or event. The amount of money in the Special Project Grant fund changes from year to year, but there are usually more applications than funds available. Special Project Grants proposals are decided on the first Clubs Council meeting of each term and are reviewed in the order of submission.

To apply for a Special Project Grant, either stop by the Board of Directors and Communications Offices and pick up a form or print the one included below. The form requires information about your project, a simple budget, and how your project contributes to the UVSS community.

The maximum application for Special Project Grants is $1000, and each club can only receive a maximum of $1500 per board term (May 1- April 30). Applications over $500 require a 2/3 majority vote and approval from the UVSS Board of Directors.

Applications are due to the Director of Student Affairs the Friday before the next Clubs Council. Grants are approved at Clubs Council.

If your clubs is receives a Special Project Grant then it must report back to Clubs Council before receiving any funding. All special project grants funds must be claimed through cheque reqs before the first clubs council meeting of the next term (see the cheque rec page for more info on how to claim funds).

Special Projects Grant Application Form:

Download (PDF, 410KB)


Please consult the other sections of our website for more information on how to fill out these forms. For example, for cheque reqs consult this page, or for grant applications, consult the descriptions in clubsΒ policy.