Clubs book space in the Student Union Building (SUB) through the UVSS and on the rest of campus through UVic.

In the SUB:

  • UVSS Clubs are able to book spaces in the SUB for free.
  • For room, equipment and table bookings in the SUB please complete the Room & Equipment Form.
  • For Felicita’s bookings (we reserve Wednesday nights for student groups), contact the Felicita’s Manager

Other resources available to clubs in the SUB:

  • A projector + screen
  • Tables
  • Tents
  • Button Maker –  Need to make some swag for your club? You can now book the 1.5″ button maker at Zap Copy at no cost. Button parts are also available in store—only $8.50 for 25 buttons or $30 for 100 buttons.
  • Clubs speakers are available for checkout at the General Office.
  • Zap account – Planning on doing a lot of copying or printing? Get an account request form at Zap and leave it in the Director of Student Affairs’ box to have printing directly withdrawn from your account.
  • Lockers – to receive a locker or update your lock information, please email:
  • Mailboxes – Please contact the Director of Student Affairs. Please do this if you intend on receiving a lot of mail.
  • Clubs and Course Union Days – the most important days for clubs! These happen at the beginning of each semester and are an opportunity for all of the clubs to set up a table in the Michèle Pujol Room and meet potential members. Dates are set and announced by the Director of Student Affairs.

At UVic:

  • Club, course union, PDU and advocacy groups must be ratified and individuals must have signing authority prior to requesting rooms
  • Rooms, indoor table bookings and Simpson Property requests can be reserved online
    • Note: when booking space for bake sales – it is only the space you’re booking, a folding table can be booked via the UVSS online booking system here.
  • For outdoor space bookings can be requested here.
  • For UVic recreation rentals including field rentals and gymnasium please contact Vikes Recreation.