The UVSS Board of Directors’ offices are located in the Student Union Building (SUB Room B103).

The Board of Directors is made up of 22 student directors:

  • Five Lead Directors
  • Eleven Directors at Large
  • One Director of International Student Relations
  • Four Constituency Organization (Advocacy Group) Representatives
  • One Native Students’ Union Representative

The Board is the collective decision-making body for the Students’ Society. They organize events, provide services, and advocate for students. Board members are elected annually and are accountable to the 19,000+ undergrads they represent.

Lead Directors

Co-Director of Campaigns & Community Relations


Deborah Berman (she/her)

Co-Director of Campaigns & Community Relations

Hello! My name is Deborah Berman, and I am excited to step into this position as an interim co-director with Josh! I am a fourth-year student in Political Science and Environmental Studies and I grew up in a suburb of Vancouver on the traditional, unceded territories of the Kwikwetlem and Coast Salish peoples. I am passionate about improving inclusivity, increasing mental health resources, and building stronger community bonds at UVic. These are goals that I will be working towards in my time as a co-lead of campaigns and community relations. I’m excited to work with you and get more students involved in our incredible campaigns. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please reach out to me and Josh at! I can’t wait to talk to you!

Director of International Student Relations

Co-Director of Campaigns & Community Relations


Josh Fassnacht (he/they)

Co-Director of Campaigns & Community Relations

Director of International Student Relations

Hey UVic! My name is Josh Fassnacht (he/they), and I’m honored to be your Director of International Student Relations. I grew up in Indiana, U.S. where I first joined local environmental efforts, national mental health advocacy, and direct progressive political action.

I’m a second year Environmental Studies and Psychology double major passionate about employing reciprocal relationships we share with all aspects of various environments and social settings to uplift individuals, communities, and our shared home.

As we return to in-person learning, I will be working with the UVSS and all other student supports to expand backing, diminish excess fees & burdens, and foster a unifying community for international students on and off-campus that is safe, enriching, and empowering.

Your input and voice makes all the difference, so shoot me an email or visit my office anytime! The UVSS warmly welcomes you with open arms.

Director of Events

Dhruvi Raichada (she/her)

Director of Events

I’m a in my third year of the BCOM program. I am an international student with a keen interest in building a strong student community. I’m part of Gustavson’s JDCWest team and have been the President of the Club ‘Young Women in Business’. I have volunteered for various activities around campus including being a part of the New Student Connect Program. During the times of this COVID pandemic, it is important to support students to improve their mental health and also help them financially by advocating for open-source textbooks.

Director of Finance & Operations
Phone: 250-472-4288

Sid Pathak (he/him)

Director of Finance & Operations

Hello! My name is Sid, a 4th year Computer Science & Mathematics student and I will be serving as a Director At Large for the 2021-2022 session. I was born in India but spent most of my childhood outside the country exploring different nations and their cultures. I’ve been an active part of multiple clubs and course unions on campus for over 4 years now and was trusted to serve as a leader for UVic Indian Students’ Association. My involvement in the UVic Community further extends to serving as an Orientation Leader with UVic Global Community & UVic Orientation and I look forward to working at UVSS to bring a positive change in Mental Health services, Food Bank services and Open Source Textbooks. When I’m in my own mood I like to experiment my cooking skills, read a book or go for an adventurous hike.

Director of Outreach & University Relations


Delicia Jacobs
Director of Outreach & University Relations

Director of Student Affairs
Phone: 250-721-8367

Mariel Hernández (she/her)
Director of Student Affairs

Hey UVic! My name is Mariel (she/her), and I am here to help you with all things Course Unions, Clubs, Advocacy Groups, and NSU. I hope to get you connected to your perfect campus community! Come by my office or shoot me an email. I am passionate about anti-racism in our education, housing, environment, and mobility. So, let’s organize together!

Directors at Large

Kathleen Banville (she/her)

When not biking around town finding all the best beaches and plant spots, Kathleen spends her time gardening, tending to her community, and thinking about liberation. 

A third-year sociology and social justice student, she is keen to expand her world past the rhetoric of academia and find real-world approaches to everyday problems: removing tuition costs, actively supporting BLM and Land Back movements, and queering and cripping the academy. 

With a background in radical cheerleading, Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass, and a myriad of other movements, Kathleen is an experienced activist and ally, as well as an enthusiastic lover of worker’s rights, abolition, and making the world a more accessible and kind place. She ran a successful worker’s co-op in Toronto, has been involved in Wet’suwe’ten land defender solidarity, and is always finding new ways to learn, grow, and better support folks in this increasingly lonely, isolating society. 

Spot her daydreaming about a world without cops, or sipping a local brew while basking in the glory of nature – Kathleen is a dedicated friend, passionate advocate, and absolutely eager to listen to, and engage with, the ways her community can better support those within it – including, and especially, students.

Nigel Bisnar (he/him)

Hi! My name is Nigel Bisnar and I am a Director at Large. I am a fourth-year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Business. I grew up on the territories of the Hul’qumi’num speaking peoples and the W̱SÁNEĆ, Stz’uminus, and Coast Salish nations, otherwise known as Salt Spring Island. 

I am passionate about sustainability both within the UVSS operations and the University of Victoria. I am also a member of Divest UVic and the Undergraduates of Political Science. 

In my free time I love swimming, cycling, and rowing. I also enjoy sharing food, drinks, and laughter with friends.

Hailey Chutter (she/her)

Hey there! I’m Hailey and I am so happy to be a director at large this year! My time as a member of Divest UVic and on the Resident Green Team, as well as my first hand experience living on campus during the pandemic has given me insight on what impactful changes students need at UVic. I am super excited to work as a Director at Large to strengthen UVic’s sustainability,  improve the student experience on and off campus, and bridge the gap between students and the mental health services UVic offers. I cannot wait to work with the other members of the board to achieve some ambitious goals this year. Outside of the UVSS you can find me thrifting downtown, daydreaming of skiing or at your nearest campfire!

Kritika Gupta (she/her)

Hey UVSS! My name is Kritika Gupta and I am a third year psychology major at UVic. I am an international student from India and have been loving my time in Victoria so far! I am so excited to be a part of the UVSS board and am so glad that I will be working with the sweetest and smartest bunch of people I have ever come across. I am very passionate about the field I am in but mainly because I am very zealous about promoting mental health awareness. I love volunteering with various organisations that help promote awareness regarding sexualised violence, bullying and mental health issues. During my time in the UVSS I have multiple priorities I would like to fulfill. I want to focus on making sexualised violence awareness mandatory and enforcing it by providing incentives like credits, discount coupons etc. in order to ensure that every person on campus feels safe. I would also like to give more support to the Peer Support centre so that they can help with the long wait times students’ have to go through to book an appointment with the counselling services. UVSS has been a big part of making me love staying alone in a new country and I would want to be that comfort for the other students!

Rowan Huff Froese (he/him)

Hey, my name is Rowan Huff Froese and I’m a fourth year transfer student studying Political Science. At the beginning of my studies with UVic, I was skeptical about student societies. But after doing some of my own research, my view shifted and led me to run for a position as a Director-at-Large.

My main goal as a DAL is to assist in making marginal and data-driven changes to the operations of the Society, so that the organization works more effectively and justly for undergraduate members. I plan to ensure that student fees are budgeted in a way that recognizes our needs in the short, medium, and long term.

Formerly, I ran a franchise business with College Pro for two years. I expect that my first-hand experience in business combined with my theoretical knowledge of political systems, both, will be beneficial elements in assisting this class of directors to make a positive impact on campus.

Shilpa Parveen (she/her)

Hi! I’m Shilpa Parveen, a director at large for the UVSS and entering my third year at UVic. I moved to Victoria from Saudi Arabia in 2019. I worked as an Engage leader as part of the New student connect team and volunteered with the Global community. I am passionate about helping people, and I’m driven by kindness as well as the desire to improve. I will also be working with the psychology undergraduate society (PUGS) and Residence team, which to me, is a way to build the community. My main priority as a director at large is to make sexualized violence training mandatory and keep the campus safe for everyone out there, mentally as well as physically.

Outside of university, I likes to work part -time, stargaze, meet her friends and go for long drives. 

I hope to bring out the best in my role as a DAL and spread positivity!

Kishal Scholz (she/her)

Hi folks! I’m Kishal Scholz (she/her) and I am so excited to be on the board as one of your Directors-at-Large this year. I am a second-year English and Gender Studies student and the current coordinator of the UVSS Food Bank & Free Store. I have spent most of my life on the unceded territory of the Stó:lō, Coast Salish, and Kwantlen peoples and I now live on W̱SÁNEĆ and Lekwungen territories. As a settler on these lands and as a member of the BIPOC community, I understand the importance of centering my work around anti-racism and decolonization. My priorities are to improve essential services for students by helping to reduce stigma and making them more accessible and, in turn, create safer spaces for all students.


Noella Horoscoe

The Native Students’ Union Representative


Kai Muir (they/he)
The Gender Empowerment Centre Representative

Kai is the advocacy group representative for the Gender Empowerment Center. They are in their fourth year of a Geography and Environmental Studies degree, and this is their second​ year serving on the UVSS board. As the GEM representative, their role involves collaborating with other advocacy groups on policy development and programming, acting as a liaison between the GEM and the UVSS, and advocating for the interests of the GEM community. They find joy in learning to care for plants, experimenting with homemade kombucha recipes, and making food to share with loved ones.



Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) Representative

Ashley Bihis (she/her)
Students of Colour Collective Representative

Effy Taylor (all pronouns)

UVic Pride Representative