Hey everyone,

We are super excited right now coming off the launch of our campaigns during Campus Kick Off 2016!

During CKO 2016 we launched #TextbookBroke (textbook affordability), ReThink Mental Health (mental health awareness) and we continued work on the Let’s Get Consensual campaign (sexualized violence awareness).

Our #TextbookBroke social media contest to win $300 towards textbooks got over 2000 likes and 400 shares! Our contest ended last Friday and we’ll announce the winner this week.

Over the past few weeks, CBC, CFAX, CTV, The Times Colonist and other media outlets have interviewed us about textbook affordability, bus pass-ups, and affordable housing which put student issues out to a wider public audience.

Every year the UVSS makes an effort to partner with other student societies and work in coalitions to better represent your interests. This year we are working with the Simon Fraser Student Society and UBC AMS (Student Society of UBC Vancouver) on affordable housing and textbook affordability as they are already doing some great work in these areas.

This week we’ve been super busy on the Let’s Get Consensual (LGC) campaign launching Sexualized Violence Awareness Month. LGC is a campaign against the prevalence of rape culture and sexualized violence on campuses organized by UVic, UVSS, and AVP. Together we are trying to end rape culture, support survivors, and create a culture of consent on campus and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming campaign events!

Maxwell Nicholson
UVSS Director of Campaigns and Community Relations

Email comm3@uvic.ca

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