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The Third Space








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The UVIC Women’s Centre aims to provide a women centered physical space to facilitate networking among campus women; to offer program and promote issues in keeping with the centre’s mandate and vision for members and/or general public; to provide a central location for the distribution of information; to maintain a resource library for student and public use. The women’s centre is here; “to be a strong, radical, feminist voice on campus”.

Students of Colour Collective








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The UVic Students of Colour Collective is a group of self identified students of colour operating as an advocacy group out of the University of Victoria. We attempt to defy the mainstream and act from the margins placing issues of race, gender, and colonization into an anti-racist framework which builds our work, action, and political endeavours.

UVic Pride

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UVic Pride is an organization for all people who are queer, queer-positive, gender-variant and/or intersex. We strive to meet the needs of people who self-identify as queer (including but not limited to people who identify as Two Spirit, bisexual, lesbian, gay, and pansexual, as well as people who do not identify with these labels); trans people; those who are questioning their sexuality or gender; those who are struggling with concerns related to intersexuality; and supportive partners, friends, family members, and allies.

Society for Students with a Disability








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The Society for Students with a Disability is the recognized representative advocacy group for UVic students who self-identify as having one or more disabilities. Our office is open from 10 until 4 pm, five days a week in the SUB Room B106 (Respite Room across from the UVSS Offices) and B109 (Office and Resource Rooms across from the SUB General Office). We offer various services and resources for all students andalumni with disabilities. We are here to create a safer space to build a healthy support network for all students with disabilities on the UVic campus, raise awareness and education opportunities about the challenges that students with disabilities face, and make recommendations to the University of Victoria community about how to remove these barriers. We also offer adaptive technology usage and training opportunities, advocacy assistance on and off campus for all disability-related issues, and disability-related events on-campus. We are also here to prevent, expose and eliminate institutional discrimination on the UVic campus. We advocate for the full and equitable participation of all students with disabilities in all aspects of the University of Victoria community. Need to pump up your resume? Come VOLUNTEER WITH US!