The UVSS is proud to provide the Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass)! The U-Pass offers students unlimited access to BC Transit services within the Capital Regional District transit area.

Here’s the benefits:

  • Safe and reliable!
  • Provides access to students’ primary mode of transport!
  • Eases traffic congestion for everyone else (you’re welcome, Victoria)!
  • Reduces the demand for paved parking lots on campus (so we can all enjoy more green space)!

Bus Pass Fees

Depending on your student status, you are assessed different fee packages. Here is the fee breakdown by student type:

Summer Pass Fees

Bus Pass$81
Admin Fee$27

Co-Op or Part-Time Student U-Pass Fees


Full-Time Student U-Pass Fees


Please note! Once you’ve opted in at the Info Booth, it takes a minimum of two hours for the system to update before you can activate your pass at a U-Pass kiosk!

New! Summer Bus Pass

Out of class? Grab a Summer Bus Pass!

Starting Summer 2019, the UVSS is excited to announce a summer bus pass for students not enrolled in summer classes!


You are eligible to purchase this pass if:

  1. You are not taking summer classes (or on a summer co-op); and
  2. You were registered in courses or on a co-op in the preceding January – April semester and paid UVSS fees.

Summer U-Pass Activation

  • WHEN: Opt-in starting April 24th, 2019! The deadline for opt-ins is June 28th.
  • WHERE: The Info Booth in the SUB! (Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 10am – 3pm.)
  • HOW MUCH: $108. (Savings of $232! Payments in cash, debit, or credit card only.)
  • BRING: Your OneCard and a copy of your Jan. – April tuition statement that includes UVSS fees.

Opt-Outs and Appeals

This pass is not eligible for opt-outs or refunds as it is not mandatory.

The only exception is if you enrol in summer classes after you purchase the pass. Although you can’t opt-out of the summer bus pass, you CAN appeal the mandatory one (see below).

The Fine Print

  • No pro-rating (you have to pay the full cost of the pass no matter what time in the summer you purchase it, but it’s a discount no matter what!).
  • Please note that sales are final (but don’t worry – you’ll love it too much to want to give it up)!
  • Co-op students are ineligible for the summer bus pass but can opt-into the regular academic U-Pass.

Academic U-Pass


All students enrolled in at least one (1-unit) on-campus course are eligible for four months of U-Pass access. The charge will show up in your MyPage Account Summary as “UVSS Bus Pass”. Access to the U-Pass provides significant cost savings to students, as an independently purchased transit pass costs $85.00 per month (that’s savings of $259!)

U-Pass Activation

To register and activate your U-Pass, simply insert your ONECard into any of the U-Pass kiosks located in the University Centre or the Student Union Building. The U-Pass must be reactivated every semester.

To use your U-Pass once activated, simply swipe your ONECard upon boarding any BC Transit Bus in the Victoria transit region.


Certain students, such as co-op, online, Island Medical Program and practicum students are not automatically enrolled in the U-Pass, but are able to opt in if desired.  To do so, visit the UVSS Info Booth (250-721-8355) in the Student Union Building. Hours are 10AM-3PM, Monday to Friday.

Opt-Outs and Appeals

Under certain limited conditions, students can opt out of the U-Pass. For instance, students with physical or other differences in ability that render bus use impractical are able to opt out, as are students already holding of a BC Transit Pass through social assistance programs provided by the BC provincial government.

For more information on the limited conditions under which an opt out can be accommodated, call (250-721-8355) or visit the UVSS Info Booth. All requests to opt out should be submitted before the end of the third month of classes (November, March, or June). The form can be found here.

For general transit route and schedule information, or for information on transit options if you have a disability, visit the BC Transit website at or call 250-382-6161.