Undergraduate U-Pass (Bus Pass) – September 2020 Info

  • The U-Pass is built into your existing ONECard. (New student? Get your ONECard here.)
    • Please note: You can still purchase the bus pass without having the physical card yet. 


  • Due to COVID-19, not all undergraduate students will automatically be charged the U-Pass fee.
  • All students enrolled in at least one on-campus credit course are automatically assessed the U-Pass fee, and can activate the U-Pass using their ONECard.
  • All other students who have paid UVSS fees are eligible to opt-in to the U-Pass, including co-op, distance, Island Medical Program, and practicum students.
  • The U-Pass provides four months of U-Pass access within the Victoria Regional Transit System.

Opt-in U-Pass Payment

  • For more information on how to opt-in to the U-Pass, please see the “how to opt-in” box, below.
  • The charge will show up in your MyPage Account Summary as “UVSS Bus Pass.”

U-Pass Activation

  • To register and activate your U-Pass, simply insert your ONECard into any of the U-Pass kiosks located in the University Centre or the Student Union Building.
  • All students: The U-Pass must be reactivated after August 20 if you’re studying in both the Fall and Winter terms, and after December 15 if you’re studying in the Winter term only.
  • To use your U-Pass once activated, simply swipe your ONECard upon boarding any BC Transit bus in the Victoria transit region.

Opt-Outs and Appeals

Under certain conditions, students can opt out of the U-Pass. For instance, students with physical or other differences in ability that render bus use impractical are able to opt-out, as are students already holding a BC Transit Pass through social assistance programs provided by the BC provincial government.

For more information on the conditions under which an opt-out can be accommodated, call (250-721-8355) or email the UVSS Info Booth (info@uvss.ca). All requests to opt-out should be submitted before the end of the third month of classes (November, March, or June). The form can be found here.

For general transit route and schedule information, or for information on transit options if you have a disability, visit the BC Transit website at https://www.bctransit.com/victoria/home or call 250-382-6161.

How to opt-in:

Please do not opt-in in person. The UVSS is committed to maintaining physical distancing to protect both our members and our staff.

    1. Email your proof of enrollment to uvssinfo@uvss.ca. (E.g. A screenshot of your tuition account summary.)
    2. Phone the Info Booth to provide your payment information (250-472-4309).
      • Please note: We only accept Visa and Mastercard! We do not accept Visa Debit cards.
      • The Info Booth is open 9am-2pm starting Wednesday, August 5th.
    3. Please wait until the next business day to validate your ONECard at one of terminals in the University Centre or SUB.
        • If you don’t have a ONECard, you’ll need to request one to be mailed to you.

Note: Once you’ve opted in via phone and email with Info Booth staff, it takes a minimum of one business day for the system to update before you can activate your pass at a U-Pass kiosk!