Now, more than ever, post-secondary students in Canada are facing financial hardship. Many of us have lost our incomes due to the COVID-19 pandemic while those of us who did not work have been left out of government subsidies like the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. International students are especially vulnerable at this time due to their ineligibility for many government programs. Students are going to have to make some tough decisions in the coming months: whether to buy groceries or textbooks; going further into debt or putting our education on hold. 

The fastest and least expensive way for post-secondary institutions to reduce students’ financial barriers is to increase the usage of no- and low-cost course materials, including open educational resources (OERs). Students from across British Columbia are calling on all post-secondary institutions to:

  1. Fund the creation and adoption of open educational resources course materials.
  2. Promote the usage of no- or low-cost course materials.
  3. Allow students to view which courses use no- or low- cost course materials when registering for courses. 

During times of crisis, it is imperative that we all play our part. Students across Canada are struggling, and we need our post-secondary institutions to be on our side. By collaborating with us and listening to our needs, you can help support those of us who are most financially vulnerable during this crisis.

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