One of the best ways to get involved in the UVSS and to meet UVic students who share your interests is through our open committees. Each committee performs a different role essential to the functioning of the UVSS.

We know – committees sound kind of boring and maybe of interest mostly to your average policy wonk. Not true.

Whether you want to plan awesome parties, make the SUB more sustainable, or if you actually are a policy wonk – there is a space for you. And, members of our committees actually go out and do stuff on campus and in the community other than just sit in a meeting room and talk.

Each committee meets biweekly in the SUB’s boardrooms (‘B’ rooms).


You can access the Committee Minutes by clicking here!


Meeting Times

Committee Descriptions

Advocacy Relations Committee

The primary liaison among UVSS Advocacy Groups and the Board of Directors. Serves as a forum for Advocacy Groups to work collectively on issues on campus such as, but not limited to: sexism, racism, homophobia, and classism.

Chair: Director of Student Affairs


Develops and implements campaigns on campus and community issues such as post-secondary education and public transit, as well as broader social justice issues.

Chair: Director of Campaigns & Community Relations

Clubs Council

Ratifies and oversees UVSS Clubs and establishes semester budget allocations; allocates special projects grants.

Chair: Director of Student Affairs

Course Union Council

Ratifies and oversees course unions; discusses academic issues; establishes budget allocations; allocates Travel Pool and Publication Grants.

Chair:  Director of Student Affairs


Organizes campus events such as the semesterly Free Pancake Breakfast, Campus Kick Off, other parties, and more.

Chair: Director of Events

Finance & Operations

Develops the UVSS annual budget; reviews financial statements; makes recommendations on the allocation of funds to the Board of Directors.

Chair: Director of Finance and Operations

Member Outreach & Engagement

Promotes the UVSS and its campaigns to students and the community; designs the annual student handbook; creates and oversees promotional media of the UVSS; produces the bi-annual Board Report.

Chair: Director of Outreach & University Relations

Policy Development

Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on changes to UVSS policies, constitution, bylaws, and internal structures.

Chair: Director of Outreach & University Relations