Course Unions have the opportunity to seek additional funding to support academic projects and publications that enrich their presence within the UVSS community.

Publication funding allows Course Unions to publish publications of any sort, including journals, zines, compilations, and many more! Many Course Unions including English, Environmental Studies and Writing release publications annually. If your course union is planning on publishing something related to your area of academic study, consider applying for this fund. The only exceptions include partisan or religious publications; these publications are not eligible to receive publication funding. This amount is $500 unless otherwise decided by a 2/3 vote at Course Union Council, and is accessed via the cheque req process. Upon publication, please submit a copy of the publication to the Director of Student Affairs.

Academic funding allows Course Unions to host events for their academic communities pertaining to their subject of study. Past projects have included hosting speakers, having film screenings, hosting workshops, and more. This funding is accessible to course unions hosting or planning an academic event on campus or in the greater Victoria area. The only exception is any event hosted by religious groups or political parties. This amount is $2,000 per course union per academic year, unless decided by a 2/3 vote at Course Union Council.

Applications for Academic and Publication funding can be found either below or in the Students’ Society Centre in the SUB, and are to be submitted to the Director of Student Affairs.

For funding deadlines, please visit the main Funding page.

Publication Funding Application

Academic Fund Application

Please consult the other sections of our website for more information on how to fill out these forms. For example, for cheque reqs consult this page, or for grant applications, consult the descriptions in clubs or course union policy.