There are over 200 clubs on campus dedicated to environmental, cultural, political, religious, and recreational causes. Clubs are funded through student fees and receive a stipend from the UVSS every semester. They are free to join and are open to students and community members. From swing dance to game development to the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, there is something for everyone.

Click here for a list of current clubs. There are also 25 sports and recreations Vikes Recreation Sport Clubs which you can find more information about on the Vikes website.

If you want to start a new club or have any related questions, check out the FAQ page,or drop by the Board of Directors and Communications Offices in the SUB. Contact the Director of Student Affairs and Chair of Clubs Council ( for all club related inquiries.

Clubs also have access to Special Project Grants, which allow them to host special events ranging from Quidditch tournaments to hosting speakers, and are a great way for clubs to enliven the campus community.

All UVSS clubs must adhere to UVSS Clubs Policy.

Clubs Council

Clubs Council meets once a month and is the body responsible for overseeing clubs’ statuses, funding, and special project grants.


Important Reminders:

  1. All clubs, even returning clubs, must follow ratification procedures to gain access to their club privileges, including room bookings and funding.
  2. All clubs must have at least one representative attend the first Clubs Council meeting of the term they are seeking ratification in.
  3. All base funding is allocated at the first clubs council meeting.
  4. The deadline for club registration and Special Project Grants Jan 5th at 11:59 PM.
  5. Travel Pool is available to any student.

  Summer Term

  • July 4 –SUB B028
  • August 1 – SUB B028

  Fall Term

  • September 10 –Cinecenta
  • September 12-13: Clubs and Course Union Days
  • October 1 – B025
  • November 5 – SUB Upper Lounge Board Room
  • December 3 – B025

   Spring Term

All at 3pm

  • January 7 – Cinecenta
  • January 9-10: Clubs and Course Union Days
  • February 4 – SUB Upper Lounge Board Room
  • March 4 – SUB Upper Lounge Board Room
  • April 8 – B025

Clubs Council Minutes