We fight for your rights!

As well as providing many useful services and hosting events on campus, the UVSS campaigns on the issues that affect you most as students.

The UVSS campaigns with coalition partners and other student unions in BC and across Canada to achieve the following:

  • reduce tuition fees & student debt
  • lobby post-secondary institutions to adopt free textbooks (Open Educational Resources)
  • increase mental health support on-campus
  • fight rape culture and sexualized violence on-campus
  • new construction of affordable and accessible housing
  • improve public transit in Greater Victoria (i.e. expand late-night service)
  • increase youth voter participation in municipal, provincial, and federal elections

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these campaigns, stop by the Students’ Society Centre in the SUB and talk to us about the work we’re doing and how you can be a part of it.

Email: campaigns@uvss.ca

Working in solidarity with other student organizations

The UVSS is an unaffiliated student union that does not currently hold membership with any provincial or national student federations or alliances.

As an organization we have a long history of working with students across Canada to realize our shared vision of fully-funded post-secondary education in Canada. We were members of the Canadian Federation of Students from 1985 to 2011. And we were founding members of the Alliance of BC Students in 2013.

We are no longer members of either of these organizations – however we still work closely with both of them. Working together with others makes us strong, it shows strength and unity of the student movement to our institutions and our governments.

In order to represent student interests at UVic and to get the Canadian government to honour the international covenant it signed in 1976 to make education free at all levels means that we have to lobby at the national level. In the past few years we have lobbied MP’s and party leaders in Ottawa alongside both the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and the Canadian Federation of Students.

Students are stronger when we stand together. Student politics, like politics in general, can be messy and divisive. But, when we can bring all of our movements together and get past our differences, we will win the fight to make the promise of education as a basic human right a reality.

So yeah. We’ll work with any student union, society, federation, alliance who shares our aims and values. Drop us a line if you’re down. Together we can build a stronger student movement in BC.