UVSS Condemns Recent Violent and Hateful Act at University of Waterloo

*Content warning for queer, trans, and gender-based violence*

Our hearts are with everyone affected by the violent and hateful act recently performed at the University of Waterloo. The UVSS condemns this incident in the strongest terms and recognizes that it highlights a concerning rise in anti-queer, anti-trans, and misogynistic hate and the normalization of it in our culture. We also recognize that this brutality being committed during pride month is no coincidence.

It is integral that university communities everywhere use this time to reflect inwardly about intolerance exhibited on our own campuses and what must be done in order to promote education and acceptance.

We call on the University of Victoria, as well as other post-secondary institutions, to provide proactive solutions to combat hate and promote tolerance on campus. This includes mandatory EDI training within the curricula of all faculties, with particular attention provided to faculties with inequitable gender representation in their enrolment.

Idleness is complacency in the fight against hate. Words of support are nothing without action. Let this use our outrage to mobilize us into tangible action, to ensure this never happens again. Caring for each other cannot be an empty promise.

Safety is something we achieve together. We implore you to lead with curiosity and love at this time and always.

In solidarity,
Your UVSS Board of Directors Executive Team