UVSS Monthly Update – Student Affairs Edition

Knock knock? Who’s there?…Boo… Boo Who? Don’t cry! I know summer is over, but Club and Course Union Days is coming up!

It has been a bustling summer around the office. From handbooks to strategic plans, we’ve done it all. The most exciting perhaps have been the changes made to Clubs and Course Union policy, as well as the club initiatives that are being launched.

Clubs and Course Unions have had small policy rewrites. Nothing too drastic: just some clarification on ratification and room bookings. Incredibly, clubs and course unions can now hold fundraisers with paid tickets in the Student Union Building. Both councils have been well attended; a trend I hope to continue throughout the year!

As of this year, cheque requests can be emailed to me, instead of having to walk them over to the info booth. A new way for clubs and course unions to cheque account balances will hopefully be rolled out in November!

This fall the first Clubs Council (September 10th at 3pm) and Course Union Council (September 12th at 4pm), both in Cinecenta, will be using a new ratification technique and this will hopefully save some time. I’ll also be debuting a thought provoking slide show.

Clubs and Course Union Days was a success with hundreds of people pouring in through the halls. Missed out? It’s okay, a list of Clubs and Course Unions are on the uvss.ca website, send an email to them and you can still be a member!

The Student Union Building also has 5 advocacy groups! The Feminist Collective, Society of Students with Disabilities, Students of Colour Collective, Pride and Native Student Union. All are wonderful groups, and a great opportunity to get involved!

If you have any questions concerning clubs, course unions, or advocacy feel free to stop by my office any time the door is open, or email affairs@uvss.ca.

Isabella Lee