Students said for years that Felicita’s Pub and the Student Union Building looked dated and worn out. The SUB was built in 1964 and has not seen a major fee-supported renovation since 1996. Student societies at SFU and UBC recently passed referendums to pay for brand new student union buildings (SFSS – $63 million; UBC AMS – $103 million). To keep costs low for students, we decided not to build a brand new building. By renovating and refurbishing the SUB at a cost of roughly $2.5 million, the SUB will look new and modernized without students having to foot a $60-100 million bill.

Building our new Pub & SUB.

In a SUB renovation survey put out in Spring 2012, 74.8% of 865 respondents were in favour of paying a new student fee to support a $2 million renovation to Felicita’s pub and the SUB. With this mandate, the UVSS Board put a fee referendum question forward to students on November 29, 2012. The referendum passed with 52% of students in favour.

The Vision.

In Summer 2012, we took your ideas from the survey to a communications firm (Holy Cow Communication Design Inc.) and an architectural firm (Stantec). Holy Cow created a vision for the new pub and SUB based on our brand values: a modern, sustainable, creative, comfortable space where students can work, eat, and socialize.


In 2012 we contracted a consultant to conduct an accessibility audit of the SUB. We have provided this document to the architects at Stantec with instructions to ensure that they review the document alongside their planning process for every phase of the renovation.


In 2012 we did an energy audit of the SUB and are implementing its recommendations in the renovation.  Also, following our core value of sustainability, we will be using reclaimed and/or recycled materials during construction. Besides our own mandate on sustainability, UVic Facilities also has a directive to ensure that any new construction projects undertaken on campus have sustainability as a core feature.


Stantec Architecture – Creating spaces which resonate with students and educators is how the Interior Design team at Stantec measures its success. With a hands-on approach and an ability to ‘hear’ what the client needs and wants are, the Interior Design team works collaboratively to provide innovative, practical and current solutions. Universities and colleges have the benefit of our proven project development, design and delivery solutions for all campus facilities, planning and infrastructure needs through our integrated team of strategic planners, business analysts, environmental specialists, master planners, architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, and program and project managers. For Stantec, finding better ways of doing things is one of the ways we create value for our clients on Vancouver Island.

UVic Students – All undergraduate students at the University of Victoria are members of the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS). UVic students have participated in this process by filling out hundreds of renovation surveys, attending our SUB Renovations Committee, and by voting in the fee referendum on November 29, 2012.

Where we’re at right now.

Phase 1 – Felicita’s Campus Pub

Completion: August 2013.

Phase 2 – Vertigo & SUB Exterior

Completion: June 2014. Upgrades to the SUB exterior started rolling out during Fall 2014.

Phase 3 – SUB Upper Lounge

Completion: August 2014.

Phase 4 – Munchie Bar

Completion: August 2015.

Phase 5 – The Grill & HFB (Health Food Bar)

The Grill completion: June 2016
HFB completion:  August 2016

How to get involved.

Contact our Director of Finance and Operations at Join our SUB renovations committee and share your vision of the SUB!