The Grad Class Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up fast and here’s what you need to know (besides free pizza!):

Who: Any UVic undergrad graduating in 2019 (this includes folks graduating in November!)
What: Party-planning! And other important things!
When: Wednesday, November 27 @ 2pm
Where: Michele Pujol Room, SUB
Why: Our Grad Class Bylaws are in serious need of modernization! They haven’t been updated in over a decade…and it shows. We need 25 graduating students to attend the AGM to help us make these much needed amendments and elect a Grad Class Executive (aka the party planners).

Getting involved in your Grad Class Exec is a great way to help shape your grad year and plan great events with the support of the UVSS Board and staff! It also looks great on a résumé!

Oh, and did we mention? As a member of the Grad Class Exec, you also get a say in how the Grad Class Legacy Fund is spent this year! Past projects include: Updating the equipment in the Food Bank and Free Store and the giant communal tables that you love in the SUB!

Questions? Email!

At the AGM, you’ll be electing students to fill the following positions:

Co-Chairs (2 elected):

  • Chair all Grad Class Exec meetings
  • Act as spokespeople/liaisons for the Grad Class


  • Prepare the grad class budget
  • Handle day-to-day financial business for the Grad Class

Communications Director:

  • Coordinate ads for all Grad Class events and meetings

Social Director:

  • Coordinate all Grad Class social events

Here’s the current version of the Grad Class Constitution & Bylaws (this document guides the activities of the Grad Class):

Grad Class Constitution & Bylaws 2007-02-09


AGENDA – UVSS grad AGM – 2019-11-27