University of Victoria Students’ Society: Events Accessibility Checklist

Preamble: This checklist is meant to serve as a guideline to ensure that events hosted by the UVSS are as accessible to students as possible. The UVSS is committed to providing a better campus experience for our members. This checklist reinforces the necessity of consultation, safer spaces, strategic member outreach, and proper volunteer engagement in all that we do.

Member Outreach:

  • Provide substantial notice for all events to allow students to make proper arrangements
  • Supply posters with event information
  • Direct students to the UVSS website or the event’s Facebook page for more event information
  • Provide contact information on posters and social media for students to submit any comments or concerns
  • Allow for accommodation requests
    • Allow enough time to respond to accommodation requests
  • Make sure public transit is still operational after the event ends
    • Post routes and bus times on event social media and bus schedule on screens at the event
  • Check in with community stake holders (i.e City of Victoria)
    • If necessary, consult society bylaws
    • Inform advocacy groups & NSU
  • If there is security and/or searches, inform attendees through tickets, social media and/or posters


  • Provide information about stairs, elevators, exits, and ensure wheelchair, cane, walkers, and assistance dogs accessibility
  • Have a map present with labeled locations
  • Make sure attendees and volunteers are aware of the presence of public phones
  • Ensure adequate paths are in place for event traversing
    • At least enough space that a wheelchair can pass
  • Provide gender inclusive washrooms


  • Invite the Anti-Violence Project and the Let’s Get Consensual campaign team
  • Provide safer spaces
  • Have posters advertising where you can go for support
  • Emergency awareness
    • Plans and protocol for evacuation will be provided
  • Review any insurance and security inquiries
  • Promote safer practices
    • Designated Driver programs and/or purchasing bus tickets
  • Cover all loose wires and cords are secured to floors and wall to avoid accidents
  • Provide safer sex supplies in the washrooms
  • Provide information about safe walk programs
    • CSEC – limited to campus only


  • Promote scent-free spaces!
  • Guest speakers
    • Provide preferred seating (i.e hearing difficulties, low vision, etc)
    • Accessible areas
  • Sound
    • Inform attendees of the type of speakers
    • How high the volume will be
    • Provide Ear plugs
    • Provide quiet spaces
  • Lights
    • Inform attendees of the type of lights used (i.e fluorescent, strobe)
    • Inform of the light colour(s)
    • Are there low lights
    • Limit the use of strobe lights
    • Should review with SSD


  • Ensure proper training for event volunteers
    • UVSS Volunteer Orientation Package
  • Ensure volunteers and point personnel are easily identifiable
    • Coloured armbands or identifiable t-shirts
  • Provide information for students on how to become volunteers
  • Volunteer orientation will be held an appropriate time before the event starts


  • A debrief for the event will held at the following Events Committee
    • Discuss what went well and what didn’t
    • Areas to improve
    • Volunteer debrief