Base Funding

All course unions that have been ratified automatically receive a base level of funding (it’s usually around $200-$300 per semester depending on how many active course unions there are). This funding is deposited in your course union’s budget account and can be used to pay for any course union expenses aside from gift card or liquor-related ones. To access these funds you must submit a cheque requisition form. This funding remains in your account until the end of the fiscal year (April), at which point it is rolled over into a joint course union account.

What are my other funding options?

In addition to this funding, course unions may apply for three types of grants:

1. Travel Pool Funding

If you or your course union is planning on doing any traveling for course union or academic related purposes, you may apply for travel pool funding. The travel pool allows students to apply for the following amounts: $100 for individuals or $300 for groups of three or more. Anything over this amount must pass a 2/3 vote at Course Union Council. Currently, travel pool is funded by course unions, and as such, is overseen by Course Union Council. All grant requests must be submitted at least one week before Course Union Council.

2. Academic Funding

This funding is accessible to course unions hosting or planning an academic event on campus or in the greater Victoria area. The only exception is any event hosted by religious groups or political parties. Any application above $2,000 per course union per academic year requires a 2/3 vote at Course Union Council.

3. Publication Funding

If your course union is planning on publishing something related to your area of academic study, consider applying for this fund. The only exceptions include partisan or religious publications; these publications are not eligible to receive publication funding. Any amount over $500 requires a 2/3 vote at Course Union Council, and is accessed via the cheque req process. Upon publication, please submit a copy of the publication to the Director of Student Affairs.

How do I access this funding?

All UVSS funding is received through reimbursement – this process is called a cheque requisition. Basically, you purchase the goods or services upfront, submit receipts and a Cheque Requisition Form,  and if it’s approved, the UVSS writes you a cheque. Please ensure you have adequate receipts or invoices in advance, otherwise your requisition may not be approved.

See the Cheque Req page for more info!


  • If you have received a donation, the cheque must be payable to The University of Victoria Students’ Society, NOT the name of your club. Put the name of your club in the memo.