All course unions must re-register online every semester. Doing so makes you eligible for status and funding.

Registering your course union requires you to do the following:

  1. Complete the necessary documentation – register your course union online with updated contact info and signing authorities, and your most up-to-date constitution.
  2. Attend the first Course Union Council of the semester. The date and time of the meeting will be sent over the Course Union Listserv. Any member from your course union is able to attend on your behalf. Course unions to be ratified as well as semesterly funding are then approved by Course Union Council and a recommendation is made to the UVSS Board.
  3. The UVSS Board of Directors votes to approve course union ratifications and funding. This happens at the first board meeting after Clubs Council.

To register online click here.

Registration FAQ:

Q: If we don’t register for a semester do we revert back to being a new course union?
A: As long as you are inactive for no more than two semesters you simply assume the status you left on.

Q: Who can register my course union?
A: Any of your club’s executives.

Q: How do I change any of the information on our registration form after I’ve submitted it?
A: Email the Director of Student Affairs at

Signing authorities

Signing authorities must be updated every semester and are to be chosen with the utmost care. Your signing authorities are the legal stakeholders of your course union and assume responsibility for the finances and liability of your group. Signing authorities are the only members of your course union who have the authority to book rooms, request account summaries and expense reimbursements, or deposit funds, among other things. Each course union is required to have two signing authorities, but may have up to three.

Signing authority FAQ:

Q: Who in our course union should be given signing authority?
A: Your signing authorities should be outlined in your constitution. Typically, signing authorities include the president or coordinator and treasurer.

Q: If we need to change our signing authorities at any point, how do we?
A: You can update your signing authorities at the beginning of every semester when you re-register. At any other point in the semester, please contact the Director of Student Affairs and submit the online registration form again.

All special funding requests can be submitted in person to the Director of Student Affairs’ mailbox or electronically to


Account statements:
If you simply wish to know the balance of your accounts, please email the Director of Student Affairs at and they can provide you with your balances.

If you would like an account ledger, an account summary request form is available in the General Office. This must be filled out by a signing authority, and is submitted to the accountants. Please allow for a two-day turnaround for account summaries.

To make a deposit, please fill out the deposit forms, found in the General Office.

“How Do I X the Y?”

How do I access funding/complete a cheque req form?
All of your funding must be accessed via the cheque requisition process. Cheque Req Forms are available in the General Office or in the Board of Directors and Communications Offices (both in the SUB). Cheque req forms must be filled out by signing authorities and signed off by the Director of Student Affairs. Cheque reqs are due Tuesday afternoon by 3pm to the Info Booth, not the Director of Student Affairs’ box, in the SUB. Cheques are still available for pick-up on that Friday afternoon in the General Office (if everything is filled out correctly).

How do I book rooms for my course union?

Please see “Room Bookings.”

Can my course union receive corporate sponsorship?

Course unions can partner with businesses and corporations in order to finance various projects, conferences, and events. The UVSS encourages these partnerships and urges course union execs to familiarize themselves with the different sponsorship opportunities and regulations found on campus. In particular, the UVic Office of Corporate Relations has various sponsorship tools and opportunities found on their website, including product and prizing requests and a sponsorship toolkit. Furthermore, companies listed as UVIC Strategic Alliance Partners and Sponsors may have sponsorship opportunities for UVSS course unions. Companies listed as Strategic Alliance Partners and Sponsors should only be contacted via the office of Corporate Relations, and not directly by course union execs/members.

For any other questions, please email the Director of Student Affairs at

For any other questions please contact the Director of Student Affairs at Good luck and have fun!