Each course union has an executive, elected by its membership, consisting of at least three people. Any student registered in a course of a department is eligible for membership in that department’s course union, and all members have voting rights. UVSS Course Unions are governed by the UVSS’s policy, which outlines the relationship between the UVSS and Course Unions, the policy can be found here: Course Union Policy .

To receive UVSS Course Union status, a course union submits a verification form each semester. This form includes a request for a budget, and lists a minimum of two, and a maximum of three, signing authorities, these signing authorities are able to book rooms, request cheques, and book audio visual equipment on behalf of the course union. Course Unions must re-register every semester under the “register your course union” tab. Course unions must also have a Constitution and Bylaws relevant to their department’s field of study. Note: a course union is considered inactive if it has not verified its status in the current semester by submitting a verification form.

Current Course Unions:

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