Over 40 different course unions represent UVic’s academic departments. Membership is open to students registered in any class of that department. Course unions plan academic events and social activities related to their area of study. Ask your department if there is a course union for your field of study, or check out this list of current course unions to get involved. If there isn’t one, and you’d like to start up a course union in your department, head to the Students’ Society Centre and talk to the Director of Student Affairs and Chair of Course Union Council.

The UVSS also has four Professional Development Unions (PDUs), which act as societies representing the interests of students in their particular faculty. The four PDUs are: Law, Engineering, Education, and Commerce.

Please note that the July 12th Course Union Council meeting has been moved to July 19th.

Course Union Council (CUC)

Course unions and PDUs are able to access Academic Funding for on-campus academic events related to their specific area of study. Course unions and PDUs are also able to access publication funding for a publication related to their area of academic study. Publications exhibiting partisanship or religiosity are not eligible for the publication fund. To access these funds, course unions must complete and submit the forms located below to the Director of Student Affairs two days prior to the next CUC meeting, at which time the requests will be discussed and voted on by the Council. CUC is usually held the first Monday of each month. At these meetings, course unions are ratified and funding requests are discussed. CUC oversees the distribution of Academic, Publication and Travel Pool Grants. One representative from each course union is required to attend.




  1. All course unions must have at least one representative attend the Course Union Council meeting that they are seeking ratification at.
  2. Base funding is allocated at the first meeting of the term.
  3. All funding requests for Travel Pool,  Academic, and Publication will be decided on at the second meeting of the term.
  4. The deadline for these applications is February 2nd at 11:59 PM.

  Fall Term

  • September 13 – Cinecenta
  • September 13-14: Clubs and Course Union Days
  • October 4 – Vertigo
  • November 8 – SUB Upper Lounge Board Room
  • December 6 – SUB Upper Lounge Board Room

   Spring Term

  • January 10 – Cinecenta
  • January 10-11: Clubs and Course Union Days
  • February 7 – Vertigo
  • March 7 – SUB Upper Lounge Board Room
  • April 11 – SUB Upper Lounge Board Room

**Travel Pool, Academic Fund, and Publication Fund grants are heard at the second meeting of every term. Applications are due the Friday before that meeting at midnight (e.g for the Fall term the deadline is September 29th at midnight)**