Q: Do I need to register my club every semester?
A: Yes, in order to maintain active status, your club will need to register and send a representative to the first Clubs Council meeting of each semester.

Q: If we don’t register for a semester do we revert back to being a new club?
A: As long as you are inactive for no more than two semesters you simply assume the status you left on.

Q: Who can register my club?
A: Any of your club’s executives.

Q: How do I change any of the information on our registration form after I’ve submitted it?
A: Email the Director of Student Affairs.

Q: Do we need to update a membership list every semester?
A: No, only when registering a new club.

Signing authorities:

Q: What are signing authorities?
A: Your signing authorities are the legal stakeholders of your club and assume responsibility for the finances and liability of your club. Signing authorities are the only members of your clubs who have the authority to book rooms, request account summaries and expense reimbursements, or deposit funds, among other things.

Q: Who in our club should be given signing authority?
A: Any club member can be give signing authority, although typically signing authorities include the president or coordinator and treasurer. Keep in mind that 2 out of 3 of your signing authorities must be UVic students.

Q: If we need to change our signing authorities at any point, how do we?
A: You can update your signing authorities at the beginning of every semester when you register. At any other point in the semester, please contact the Director of Student Affairs and submit the online registration form again.


Q: How do I check my account balances?
A: You can check your balances by logging in here.

Q: How can I access a record of my club’s account transactions?
A: An account summary request form is available in the General Office. This must be filled out by a signing authority, and is submitted to the accountants. Please allow for a two-day turnaround for account summaries.

Q: How do I make a deposit into my trust account?
A: To make a deposit, please fill out a deposit forms in the General Office.

Q: How do I access funding/complete a cheque req form?
A: All of your funding must be accessed via the cheque requisition process. Cheque Req Forms are available in the General Office or in the Board of Directors and Communications Offices (both in the SUB). See the Cheque Req page for more details.

For any other questions please contact the Director of Student Affairs. Good luck and have fun!