The UVSS Board of Directors’ offices are located in the Student Union Building (SUB Room B103).

The Board of Directors is made up of 21 student directors:

  • Five Lead Directors
  • Eleven Directors at Large
  • One Director of International Student Relations
  • Four Constituency Organization (Advocacy Group) Representatives
  • One Native Students Union (Advocacy Group) Representative

The Board is the collective decision-making body for the Students’ Society. They organize events, provide services, and advocate for students. Board members are elected annually and are accountable to the 18,000+ undergrads they represent.

Lead Directors

Victoria Eaton

Director of Student Affairs
Phone: 250-721-8367


Victoria is your Director of Student Affairs this year. She grew up in North Delta and has always loved being near the ocean, so UVic was a great fit for her. She is completing her third year of Political Science and is passionate about mental health advocacy. As a Métis student, she is also interested in examining how the UVSS can adopt more decolonial values. In her role, she hopes to empower clubs, course unions, constituency groups, the Native Students Union, and professional development unions, as well as make processes easier to navigate for them. In addition to this, she hopes to be a resource for these groups and help students who are interested in creating or joining clubs throughout the year. If you are in need of additional information, please do not hesitate to drop by her office or send her an email.

Jonathan Granirer

Director of Outreach & University Relations
Phone: 250-721-8370

Jonathan is incredibly grateful to be serving as your Director of Outreach and University Relations this year. He originally came to UVic to study creative writing, but has since transferred into political science and economics. He is now a third-year student and he is looking forward to continuing to advocate on behalf of students for the remainder of his term.

The primary responsibilities of the Director of Outreach and University Relations include conducting outreach among students, chairing board meetings and several committees, being a spokesperson for the UVSS, writing and drafting policy, and maintaining relations between the UVSS and UVic.

This year, Jonathan will focus on making life more affordable for students, improving mental health services on campus, and ensuring that the UVSS’s work is accountable and relevant to students. Jonathan will do this by advocating for the implementation for more open-sourced textbooks, lobbying the University for increased counselling services, and increasing the amount of outreach that the UVSS conducts. If you want to get involved with any of these initiatives, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jonathan!

Dakota McGovern

Director of Finance & Operations
Phone: 250-472-4288

Dakota McGovern is the Director of Finance and Operations. Throughout his time at university, he has been incredibly involved in youth advocacy through his volunteer work with campus clubs. Some of his hobbies include hiking up Mount Doug and writing. One of his favourite books is Dune by Frank Herbert because of its environmentally focused message. In his position, Dakota supervises the administration of all aspects of the Students’ Society’s finances, operations, services, marketing, and strategic planning. The Finance and Operations Committee, which is made up of UVSS members, oversees much of these duties. If you are passionate about the services that the UVSS provides to students, do not hesitate to get involved with the Finance and Operations portfolio and send Dakota an email. 

Shay lynn Sampson

Director of Events
Phone: 250-721-8369

Shay Lynn

Shay Lynn Sampson is our Director of Events for this year! Shay Lynn is a Gitxsan Wet’suwet’en student from northern BC who has been studying on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories for three years now. She is very passionate about advocacy and providing events that are inclusive, diverse, and accessible to students of all backgrounds. Outside of the UVSS, Shay Lynn is the lead organizer for the 2020 Victoria Women’s March and studies Political Science and Indigenous Studies. Shay Lynn is looking forward to bringing new and exciting events to campus, showcasing the talent UVic students have to offer, and hearing more about what students want to see on campus!

Juliet Watts

Director of Campaigns & Community Relations
Phone: 250-721-8366


Juliet Watts is your Director of Campaigns and Community Relations! She is committed to focusing on social justice and advocating for students during her board term, but you may also see her around campus studying Political Science and Public Administration or playing frisbee in the quad. This year, Juliet is prioritizing campaigns which advocate for climate justice, sexualized violence prevention, increased mental health resources and awareness, encouraging students to vote in the 2019 federal election, and lobbying the provincial government for needs-based grants for students. When she is not in the SUB, Juliet enjoys organizing for climate justice as the Chair of Divest BC, biking around Fernwood and talking about public transit. She is dedicated to ensuring that all campaigns are student-led and she would love to hear what issues you feel require advocacy. Come by her office or shoot her an email to get involved!

Director of International Student Relations

Efe Türker


Efe Türker is a fourth year Political Science major in UVic. He transferred to UVic from Camosun two years ago and has been involved in student politics since his first week here. He was the International Student Representative and later Vice President of the Undergraduate Society of Political Science and is currently the Director of International Student Relations at UVSS. Efe is advocating for international students at UVic. He is representing all international students and their best interests in UVSS.

Directors at Large

Hannah Ahluwalia

Hannah is a Director at Large for the UVSS. In her fourth year studying Sociology and Psychology, she enjoys learning about how to best advocate for others. She volunteers with international students to help them acclimate to university and Canadian life and also works as a bartender on the side. On the UVSS board, she focused her portfolio with the Director of International Student Relations, working to create a committee specifically for international students. She is also active in the events, campaigns, outreach and SUB marketing committees. Her goal is to get more students involved in sharing their opinions on decisions made by the UVSS and to support the Lead Directors in shaping a UVSS that rightly serves the needs of the diverse student body. She would like to encourage members who want to get more involved to reach out as there are many committees that would love more student voices!

Caleb Burd


Caleb is a passionate and driven Political Science student in his second year at UVic. Environmental degradation and the lack of its protection has inspired him to pursue a career in policy analysis to help initiate change within our political system. In his first few weeks as a Director at Large, Caleb removed the plastic bags in Bean There and replaced them with wax bags. He has also helped create a working group called Eco Foot with the mandate to reduce our ecological footprint on campus through collaboration with other clubs and course unions to brainstorm ideas and help fund sustainable initiatives. Along with these activities, he also sits on the campaigns portfolio, is a voting member of finance and operations committee, co-chairs Divest campaign meetings, and is a member of the personnel committee. Through these avenues he plans on fulfilling the campaign promises such as divestment, increasing access to mental health resources and reinstating the tax reimbursement for textbooks.

Caelen Cook

Caelen Cook was born in Saanichton, BC. He was raised and educated in Shawnigan Lake, a community just north of Victoria. Due to the small size of his hometown and the influence of his mother, who is a teacher, he has developed a strong sense of responsibility for his community. His belief in the power of community has manifested in a political philosophy which is focused on being a real and effective advocate for affordability and environmental sustainability. After his election in June, Caelen was elected as the portfolio Director at Large for Student Affairs. Caelen currently sits as the second chair of Policy Development, as well as for the Clubs Council. Caelen also sits as a general member on the Course Unions and Campaigns committees. As the second year of his undergraduate degree opens, Caelen looks forward to continuing his studies in English and History.

Sarina de Havelyn


Sarina de Havelyn, a Director at Large, is a third year Political Science student minoring in Public Administration at the University of Victoria. She grew up in Nanaimo where she developed her enthusiasm for service and chose UVic due to its sense of community and proximity to nature. Within the UVSS, she largely works with Outreach and University Relations to advocate for students’ interest in mental wellness and advocacy. Outside of her role with the UVSS, Sarina is a Cabinet Minister with the British Columbia Youth Parliament, a Taekwondo Instructor, and an ESL private tutor. She is passionate about student involvement and wants your voices heard, so come stop in at the UVSS and volunteer!

Zyannya Fox


Zyannya Fox is a Director at Large and a Political Science and Economics double major. She immigrated to Canada at a young age and grew up in Victoria. She is kept busy with the many clubs and events across our lively campus and city. Outside of the UVSS, Zyannya cycles, takes photos, and works at a coffee shop. As a Director at Large, Zyannya is involved with the Finance and Operations portfolio, the Health and Dental Plan, and the SUB Business and Marketing Committee. She is always open to hearing feedback or helping students in any capacity.

Olivia Reid-Friesen


Olivia Reid-Friesen is in her second year at the University of Victoria studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. Olivia was raised in Richmond and her passion for service and politics comes from her family and her involvement in British Columbia Youth Parliament since she was 14. She has served in many different positions in BCYP and in 2018-2019 is serving on cabinet as the Minister of Sessional Affairs. Olivia believes that volunteering is the rent people pay for their time on this earth. She has done this as a Girl Guide leader, camp counselor, and Student Council President. Olivia ran to continue volunteering and her goal is to have student art in the SUB for all students to appreciate. The creatives on our campus are brilliant and deserve to be seen and heard along with every other undergrad on campus, and Olivia wants your voices heard by the UVSS.

Kai Richins


Kai Richins is a passionate Mechanical Engineering student with an almost problematic love for the environment and design. Kai frequently volunteers with the Greater Victoria Green Team by doing local conservation work. Kai was born in Australia and attended school in both the U.S. and Canada. Kai also has taken part in multiple clubs at UVic and continues to take classes outside of their major. Kai also is a Senator and, working through both the UVSS and Senate, Kai hopes to leave a lasting impact on the green spaces of UVic. 

Jinx Stromquist


Jinx is a Metis-Cree student in her third year of Indigenous Studies & Philosophy at UVic. Originally from a small town in Northeastern BC, her highest priorities are Indigenous sovereignty and improving the convenience and accessibility of democracy. She is serving as a Director at Large for the UVSS and a Campus Cousin for the FPH concurrently. Jinx has experience with municipal council as a youth representative and BC School Board #59 as a student representative, so she has experience fighting institutions for positive change. In her position as a Director at Large, Jinx works with different portfolios to maximize her abilities and assist Lead Directors as best she can by doing research on the actions, success and policies of other student unions and municipal governments, meeting with Indigenous elders, student leaders, and university staff, and generally being a gopher for the Finance & Operations and Campaigns portfolios.

Kolin Sutherland-Wilson


Kolin Sutherland-Wilson is an undergraduate student of Indigenous Studies and Environmental

Studies at the University of Victoria. He was born into the Fireweed Clan of the Gitxsan nation

and calls the village of Anspayaxw, located in northern British Columbia, home. Currently, Kolin serves as a Director at Large for the University of Victoria Students’ Society. Previously he served as the Firekeeper of the Native Students’ Union, where he is still an active

member. Kolin helped found the News Unsettled column in the University of Victoria newspaper, The Martlet. As a Director at Large, his focus is on upholding a resilient and vocal community of students who seek positive change for themselves, their academic community, and society. His goal is to foster community, critical thinking, and well-being amongst UVic students while holding UVic accountable to its purported values of reconciliation and environmentalism.

Dalal Tubeishat


Working towards a degree in Political Science with a minor in Social Justice, Dalal is passionate about ensuring UVic students get the most out of their student society. Dalal has been a part of student government ever since her election as kindergarten student class president. She brings a diverse set of experiences to her work with the UVSS ranging from organising fundraising events for charities to being a part of team sports and the arts. Dalal is passionate about student advocacy and her favorite part of being a Director at Large is interacting with students. You can catch her playing frisbee in the quad and drinking too much coffee from Munchies. Outside of the office, Dalal enjoys hiking when it is sunny and spending time with friends indoors when it is raining.

Jelayna Van Dyke


Jelayna is a Director at Large for the UVSS. She is a fourth year double major in gender studies and political science. As a member of the campaigns portfolio, she is the second chair of the campaigns committee and chairs the working group for the Let’s Get Consensual campaign. She is currently an outreach worker for Island Sexual Health Society. In her spare time she is passionate about feminism and caffeine.

Native Students Union Representative

Aya Clappis


Constituency Organization Representatives

Students of Colour Collective Representative

Chloe da Mata


UVic Pride Representative

Avria Chrystal


The Gender Empowerment Centre Representative

Jasmine MacGregor


Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) Representative

Natalie Blecha