The UVSS Board of Directors’ offices are located in the Student Union Building (SUB Room B103).

The Board of Directors is made up of 21 student directors:

  • Five Lead Directors
  • Eleven Directors at Large
  • One Director of International Student Relations
  • Four Constituency Organization (Advocacy Group) Representatives
  • One Native Students Union (Advocacy Group) Representative

The Board is the collective decision-making body for the Students’ Society. They organize events, provide services, and advocate for students. Board members are elected annually and are accountable to the 18,000+ undergrads they represent.

Lead Directors

Victoria Eaton

Director of Student Affairs
Phone: 250-721-8367

Jonathan Granirer

Director of Outreach & University Relations
Phone: 250-721-8370

Dakota McGovern

Director of Finance & Operations
Phone: 250-472-4288

Shay lynn Sampson

Director of Events
Phone: 250-721-8369

Juliet Watts

Director of Campaigns & Community Relations
Phone: 250-721-8366

Directors at Large

Hannah Ahluwalia
Caleb Burd
Caelen Cook
Sarina de Havelyn
Zyannya Fox
Olivia Reid-Friesen
Kai Richins
Jinx Stromquist
Kolin Sutherland-Wilson
Dalal Tubeishat
Jelayna Van Dyke

Director of International Student Relations

Efe Türker

Native Students Union Representative

Aya Clappis


Constituency Organization Representatives

Students of Colour Collective Representative

UVic Pride Representative

The Gender Empowerment Centre Representative

Jasmine MacGregor


Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) Representative

Natalie Blecha